2019 President Message - Tiffany Watson

January 10, 2019
Written by: Tiffany Watson, 2019 CREW Denver President
Tiffany Watson
2019 CREW Denver President
Partner, Point Consulting, LLC
I am thrilled that you have decided to Step Up to CREW!  This dynamic organization will help you take the next steps to move forward in your career.  You will find CREW Denver to be your one stop for educational programs, for generating business from fellow members, where you can enhance your personal and professional growth and where you can increase your business network.
You’ll fit right in!
We offer a diverse menu of event options, strong Board and Committee leadership opportunities and we are here to advocate for the advancement of women in the commercial real estate industry.  If you’re just starting out your career or growing your network, you’ll be granted opportunities to learn, lead and engage with other professionals from all facets and experience levels in the industry. 
As members, you’re now part of the National CREW Network, a Network of more than 11K+ members globally in 75+ markets.  CREW Network has 76% of its members that are in senior leadership positions and has a 72% Member to Member referral success rate.
There are so many ways to get involved with CREW Denver.  Learn more about our educational programs, leadership training, mentoring, community outreach and more.  We encourage you to set your sights high, to set personal goals and to embrace all the opportunities that CREW Denver can provide!
We’re glad you’re here.  
Tiffany Watson
CREW Denver President