Member Spotlight - Cynthia P. Martinez

May 1, 2019
Written by: Cynthia P. Martinez
Cynthia P. Martinez
CBRE | Henry
Member Name:  Cynthia P. Martinez

Years in Commercial Real Estate:  20

What part of the real estate industry are you in?  Interior Architecture

What company do you currently work for?  CBRE | Heery

What is your favorite part of CREW?  If you are a new member, why did you join CREW?  I was previously a member of CREW and had been considering re-joining, when Autymn Rubal persuasively convinced me to join the community relations committee.  It’s always more fun to participate in any organization with good friends.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  Hobbies?  Skiing, après skiing, hiking, biking, yoga, running, cooking and “wining”, dancing, traveling, and currently started studying for the Level 1 sommelier test, as well as, in the middle of completing my Masters of Corporate Real Estate.

Are you a Colorado native?  If not, where are you from and how did you end up in Colorado?  I am originally from the state of Michoacán, Mexico, but, moved to Kansas City when I was 9 and did most of my growing up there.  As much as I will always have a soft spot for KC, I couldn’t wait to spread my wings and try something new.  At the time I had a family, so we couldn’t afford moving to NYC or SF with a kid.  But, we had visited friends in Denver, and I felt this incredible energy that was percolating back in 2006, I knew that something exciting was about to happen here, and  I wanted to be a part of it. 

What is your favorite spot in Denver (or surrounding areas)?  Vail for skiing…and après skiing.  Tavernetta for Happy Hour and dinner.

What food, dessert or treat can you NOT resist?  Dark chocolate, and tacos (real Mexican tacos!).

What is your dream vacation?  Nepal & Tibet, New Zealand, Iceland, Cambodia, Southern Italy, Morocco…regardless of location, there must be a little beach time involved.

What is the biggest accomplishment of your career?  Architecture is a very demanding career, and I have attempted leaving the industry in the past.  So, staying in the industry embracing all the ups and downs of it, is my biggest accomplishment…that, and moving to Denver knowing no one, and building my career and network from scratch.

What is your favorite motivational quote to inspire you at work?  When I need a pep talk:  “I’m good enough, I’m strong enough, and gosh darn it, people like me.”  – Stuart Smalley (SNL).  For everything else: “The secret of human existence is not just live, but to know what you are living for.” – Fedor Dostoyevsky