Mentee Spotlight - Anna Heiserman

August 1, 2019
Written by: Anna Heiserman
Anna Heiserman
Senior Associate
Who is your role model?  Why?
My role model in business is my uncle. Over the course of his career, he took a small family owned business and has turned it into a massively successful business that a major CRE market player has now invested in and they have offices across the world. Throughout this process and to this day, he remains level-headed, positive, and while insanely busy, is always there to share a piece of advice.
Top three life highlights?
Studying abroad in Spain for a semester in college. I lived with a host family in a beautiful small town on the coast and was just about fluent in Spanish by the time I came back to the states.
Moving to Denver. I had spent my entire life besides the 4 months abroad in the state of Maryland. I am a third generation DC Washingtonian and grew up and went to college in the DC/MD/VA area. Moving away was challenging, but the best decision I ever made.
First time skiing. I know this might sound silly, but I had never been on skis in my life until this past year. I took my first lesson with the 2-year-old kids on the magic carpet at A-basin and have since taken several more! This for me also symbolizes stepping outside my comfort zone and trying new things.

What have you gained from being a CREW Denver member?
I have gained so many great connections with people I know I will be in touch with for years to come. I have had the chance the be involved in committees and I know that there is room for growth and leadership if I stick with it. But above all, the best thing so far has been the opportunity to have Jaimee as my mentor. She has faced and overcome many challenges, yet has come out on the other side so strong and admirable. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both of us!