Member Spotlight - Lauren Mikulak

July 13, 2020
Written by: Lauren Mikulak
Lauren Mikulak
Planning Manager
City of Wheat Ridge
Years in Commercial Real Estate: 10 Years

What part of the Real Estate industry are you in? What company do you currently work for?  I work for the City of Wheat Ridge, and currently as the Planning Manager in the Community Development Department.  I specialize in development review and land use regulation and work frequently with a variety of professionals in the real estate industry.

What is your favorite part of CREW? If you are a new member, why did you join CREW?  I was invited as a guest to a few events over the last year or two and was impressed by the camaraderie of the membership and the honesty with which issues were being discussed. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies?  My husband and I both work full time while raising two boys (now 2 and 4.5).  My favorite activities are camping, trips to the zoo, diy house projects, yoga, hiking, and puzzles.  Though less frequent in my current season of life, I also love golf, skiing, and brewing beer. 

Are you a Colorado native? If a not, where are you from and how did you end up in Colorado?  I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and moved around the midwest and east coast while growing up.  I’ve lived in Colorado for 10 years now—the longest I’ve lived anywhere—and I came by way of Louisiana where I was a construction manager for Habitat for Humanity and earned my Masters in Urban Planning. 

Favorite spot in Denver (or surrounding areas)?  One of my favorite hikes/views is from the top of Bear Creek Lake Park, on Mt Carbon near the tee box for the 13th hole at Homestead Golf Course. 

What food, dessert, treat can you NOT resist? I’ll rarely say no to a sessionable, hoppy, citrusy IPA or a DQ blizzard. 

Dream vacation? I recently went to Snowmass without kiddos to ski for four days, and that was pretty dreamy.  Australia is on my bucket list. 

Biggest accomplishment of your career?  I’ve had a hand in some of the City’s major redevelopment projects and public private partnerships, and I’m most proud of my role in the repurposing of the Fruitdale School Lofts.  I’m also proud of my continued pursuit of work/life balance and the fact that my position and tenure now allows me to the influence on the culture of my organization as it relates to that topic. 

Favorite motivational quote to inspire you at work?  You can do anything but not everything.